The Asteria Quilt is like none before; it’s not a traditional sampler quilt.

Aptly named for the Goddess of the Stars, it is a celestial masterpieces in blue and white batiks.
The finished quilt measures 106″ x 106″.  8-Month Block Series.

Each month there is a new block to make and instead of making one you will make several of the same block.
There is even a bonus quilt pattern each and every month that features the current month block designed into another whole quilt.

The way Asteria blocks are put together is so stunning, it is all pieced with straight lines but appears curved.
This quilt can be made by a confident beginner.

The pattern suggests using The Goddess Tool to quickly and easily create corner cut-aways, half square triangles, tall triangles and half tall triangles

How the program works :
1. Register for the program anytime.
2. Choose your colours and purchase the fabric for the blocks at our shop. (About 18 yards for the complete top)
3. When you pay your registration fee and purchase your  fabric, you will receive your cutting instructions.
4. The first block pattern will be available for pick up starting Sept. 6, 2016
5. Your second block pattern will be available for pick-up anytime after Oct. 6, along with the included Goddess tool.
6. Remaining blocks are available on the first Tuesday of the month, until April, 2017. Finishing instructions are included with the 8th pattern.
7. All of the patterns are charged at $ 5 per pattern.
8. There are no deadlines and no late fess.
9. Instructional videos can be viewed at the shop, or copied onto your USB storage device.

Cost Summary:
Registration Fee:     $ 50.00 one-time charge
Block Fee:     $ 5.00 per block (for 8 blocks) or $ 35 in advance (1block free)
About 18 yards of fabric     $ 9.99-16.99 per yard  (your choice of fabric)

This program can be done remotely. Send us a picture of your completed block and we will reply with your next pattern.

Call the Shop at 905-957-2000 to register today!