And now for something completely different…

We’ve been looking for ways to use our classroom space, and we think we’ve found an interesting one! Herbalist Elizabeth Boyd has a series of programs available for presentation on Saturdays.

Herbal Home Remedies for Colds and Flu
Cold and flu season is already upon us, but is there much we can do about the inevitable??  Yes, there is!  There are many herbal remedies that you can prepare yourself and use for prevention and cures.  Learn about what common herbs can help, and prepare and take home one of the best winter preventatives; Fire Cider.

Maxiumum 12 partipants.  Cost $40.

About the program:
This first date would be held on a Saturday, with a date yet to be determined. Cost is estimated to be $40 per person. Please drop by the shop or call if you are interested, or email Ginette at
About the teacher:
Elizabeth Boyd, Registered Herbalist, grew up on a crop farm in Southwestern Ontario, and was familiar with many plants and ‘weeds’ from a very early age.  After completing a Chemical Engineering and Management degree at McMaster University, Elizabeth’s interest in culinary and medicinal plants became a hobby that eventually led to more education.  She graduated with a diploma of Traditional Western Herbal Medicine in the fall of 2011.  Elizabeth primarily uses local herbs in her private practice and loves to show others how to use the local ‘weeds’ to improve our health.